La Capitale offers the best of both worlds with investment accounts that are unique to the market giving clients more bang for their buck for the same cost as mutual funds.

It’s a feature you won’t find in any mutual fund or traditional stock or bond portfolio, and it’s your reassurance that the inheritance you want to leave for your loved ones will be there for them.

These investments are perfect for enhancing clients’ current portfolio, adding global diversification and long-term capital growth.  In addition:

The benefits and features of doing business with La Capitale are some of the reasons to consolidate accounts:

  • No annual fees based on AUM, neither no annual administration fees.
  • Same management fee on market-related funds plus 100% death benefit on deposits made before age 75.
  • No penalty to switch funds
  • Potential for creditor protection
  • Same estate benefits as Segregated funds
  • Option to designate one or more beneficiary
  • Variety of managers and investment types that offers Increased diversification due to a wide array of securities, asset categories and sectors
  • Choice of approximately 40 investment accounts with prestige partners*
  • Systematic rebalancing of Portfolio funds
  • Reporting of all holdings “under one report”
  • Online access viewing of all holdings

*  Prestigious and experienced partners from among the best firms in the industry such as Dynamic Funds, AGF, Fidelity Investments, TD Asset Management, CI Investments and Fiera Capital.

Exclusively from La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services.